Full Throttle


Full Throttle (Sativa) is an HHC dominant Sativa blend. This blend was formulated to offer users a similar high to traditional Delta 9 THC without paranoia. This means users should expect that heady, energetic sensation needed to be productive and inspire creativity!

The main cannabinoids 3Chi has honed in on in this blend are HHC, CBC, and THCP. These three provide a THC-like experience via potent, heady euphoria and mood enhancement. The complete list of cannabinoids in this 2ml pod includes HHC, THCP, CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN, ∆9 THCV, ∆8 THCV, CBT, & other cannabinoids, some in trace quantities (THCB, CBDV, CBDB, etc.)

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