Maple Bacon



Cannabis is known to produce all sorts of unexpected smells and flavors, but Maple Bacon? Seriously? The breeders at SugarFire Seeds stumbled across a unique phenotype that carries a buttery sweet, but seriously spicy, funky, almost meaty terpene profile. Available in limited quantities, this strain makes a great addition to any garden that needs something a little out of the ordinary.

A cross of an uncommon phenotype of Zombie Bacon, which reeks of the unmistakable aroma of maple syrup, with the stud Sour Bubble makes this strain lean heavy on the indica side. Growing shorter to medium-sized with a robust and stout structure, Maple Bacon grows great in smaller areas as well as large commercial greenhouse settings. For a plant with a smaller footprint, it is impressive how this strain concentrates its energy to produce massive colas.