Muffin Top


original cross between scintillating sativa Sour Diesel X the always bountiful Blue Dream Extreme. Great for depression, energy and creativity.

Looks (9.6):  Pleasantly plump and significantly dense, this organically cultivated Muffin Top emanates a specific calyx born naturally attractive appearance. Bunchy and stout in composition, dark green exterior highlights give way to lighter more vibrantly sparkling interior that really catches the eye given the ubiquitous trichome twinkle.

Smell (9.5)Pleasantly effluent and positively aromatic, this Muffin Top reaches new heights with an indigo tinted essence of musty wildflower perfume under sweet lightly powdered fresh funky fruitiness.

Taste (9.6): Lip smacking good, a nicely balanced delicate but assertive flavor that peaks at ripened fruitiness toward the blue or purple berry side, before delving the depths of sativa licked dankness. A sort of up and down rollercoaster ride for the taste buds, this Organic Muffin Top ends with a noticeable but not overpowering supreme fleeting sourness.

Effects (9.6): The two most prominent attributes along the effects scale have to be the incredibly long lasting and cerebrally uplifting results. As advertised, these Organic Muffin Top blossoms certainly spark the activity seeking thoughts without any racy uneasiness; great for depression, anxiety relief, and creative pursuits no doubt.